Hydraulic KOOI®-ReachForks helps Nabuurs for double-deep pallet stacking

Nowadays, for goods that are seldom or never ordered in complete pallet units, carriers often use what are known as double stacked pallets: two 1.20 metre high pallets stacked on top of one another. At our warehouse in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, we have a smart way of handling units of this kind…

More and more Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers are working with double-stacked pallets, so we are certainly not the only logistics service provider that handles them. In practice, though, you often see that when these kinds of units arrive at the distribution centre, they are split up into individual units again. We believe this to be a waste of both time and space.

Always the right part of the double unit
Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is fully geared for the correct handling of double stacked pallets. As such, each individual section of a double stacked pallet bears a unique code which is used for tracking and tracing. In addition, the WMS automatically directs our forklift truck drivers to the upper section of the double unit first.

Double stacked and double deep stowing
Speaking of double units: in Oosterhout, we not only store the goods ‘two high’ in the pallet location, we also store them ‘two deep’. This ensures even better utilisation of our warehouse space.

The same for horizontal forklift truck movements
Not only can our racking handle double deep (x2) pallets, the same applies to our forklift truck drivers. Thanks to the telescopic forks on their reach trucks, they can drive double deep, double stacked pallets to the racking at the same time.

Before they elevate them they retract their forks again. This allows them to place the pallets in the racking one at a time, with exactly the right spacing between them. Our entire warehouse is colour-coded for this purpose.


Challenge for forklift truck drivers
In terms of efficiency, the way we handle double stacked pallets is of great benefit to our customers. It also presents our forklift truck drivers with an interesting additional challenge;

after all, the turning circle is much bigger when you’re driving around with double deep pallets. Our reach trucks are fitted with cameras that help guide the driver when stowing pallets in the double deep racking. After all, you can’t see the deeper position with your own eyes so you need to rely on the camera images to navigate.

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