Since many years the KOOI- REACHFORKS®, has been officially certified by the Dutch KEMA institute for the ATEX certificate Zone 1 category II 2G. The ATEX certificate represents a testing for products which are used in environments with a risk of explosion.


Since 1 March 1996 the Guideline 94/9/EG has been applied to equipment with a potential ignition among which the safety systems against dust explosions.
This guideline, better known as the ATEX 95 Guideline (Atmospheres Explosives) Equipment and Safety systems made for use in environments with a risk of explosion. The ATEX 95 Guideline, formerly known as the ATEX 100A, is meant for manufacturers of similar equipment . This Guideline also includes fundamental or essential safety- and health requirements for equipment and safety systems that are used in places where there is a risk of dust explosions. Although the ATEX 95 Guideline came into force in 1996, it has been in force in The Netherlands since 1 July 2003. The ATEX Guideline has been implemented in the Resolution Explosive Materials which has been in force since 1996. Please ask your local official institutes which guidelines apply to your district.

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