Probe technology for final inspection KOOI®-REACHFORKS


With the purchase of a measuring probe, Meijer Handling Solutions can guarantee the quality of the KOOI-forks even more accurately. For telescopic forks it is important that both forks are equal when sliding in and out (in the horizontal plane). If this is not the case, this could cause dangerous situations because the load could tip over. Of course, Meijer handling Solutions inspects the extendable forks, however until now was done visually. With the new system, human interpretations of right and wrong are eliminated. If the flatness does not meet the set tolerances, the reach forks are not released for the following operation and the forks must be re-aligned. The 7-axis probe will not only check the KOOI-REACHFORKS for flatness, but also the suspension and other specific matters can be included. With a total of 11 deep-drilling machines, Meijer handling Solutions is by far the largest producer of hydraulic telescopic forks since their introduction to the market in 1980.

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In this way, you can recognize the familiar KOOI ReachForks.Meijer-Group Ventoux against Cancer