Turkish Dealer, Erel Makine visits Meijer Handling Solutions for continuing education on KOOI-REACHFORKS® and Pallet-less transport.


Erhan Boyraz, CEO of Erel Makine, recognizes the value of ongoing training as he knows it helps improve customer service.  Boyraz recently asked two of his employees to join him at Meijer Handling Solutions headquarters for an annual meeting and product training course. In addition to getting a first-hand look at the MHS factory and the recent production addition, the team was able to participate in a true hands-on learning experience.

The Meijer Team was proud to present their latest manufacturing innovations but, even more proud to show off the finished products produced at the state-of-the-art facility.


It was an excellent opportunity for MHS and Erel Makine to discuss the wide range of solutions and how each can be implemented to help customers reduce costs. Discussing applications and sharing knowledge allowed both sides to learn from each other.

The group from Erel Makine, lead by CEO, Erhan Boyraz, gained valuable knowledge during their visit.  Mr. Boyraz initiated the annual training visits a few years back and they have proven to show positive results.

Meijer Handling Solutions always welcomes distributors and end-users alike, at their innovative headquarters. It’s a great way to discover the full potential of each product offering in order to better serve the customer base.


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