KOOI-FlatFork is a smart device that helps the forklift truck driver to level the forks horizontally. Sometimes its difficult for the forklift operator to see if the forks are level and this can be a big risk. For example, when the forks are tilted to far forward, the pallet boards can get crushed or even worse, the pallet can get pushed off the supporting rack beams.  The KOOI-FlatFork can also help improve handling cycle times by allowing the lift truck operator to work faster as he or she will always know if the forks are level prior to entering into a pallet. This helps save time while avoiding pallet and product damage.



The FlatForks will:

  • Make work faster & Easier
  • Reduce load, pallet and rack damages.
  • Improve safety by reducing operator mistakes.



“The FlatForks has been working great”

Denny Wunsch, North America Selig Group.

“Now we use tye FlatForks it will help us to avoid damages and we are very satisfied”.

Mathias Anderson, XL-Bygg


broke pallet


  • Plug and play.
  • Attached by magnets.
  • Motion activated.
  • Led display.
  • Very precise , ± 0.25 of a degree.
  • Usefull for a variety of attachments.
  • Longtime operating hours (± 1600 hours).



Even your best forklift drivers have problems judging the tilt of their forks when entering or exiting pallets. The risk of pallets mistakenly being pushed or pulled off of a rack or stack is significant. OSHA requires level forks when lifting people on a safety platform. Take control of these problems, by making a forklift level indicator part of your driver safety equipment.

Also it is possible to use the FlatFork for reach trucks (fork carriage tilt)

  •  Uses two paired boxes and RFID Technology. One box attaches to fork carriage to measure the tilt of the forks, and it sends a signal to a second display box in front of the operator.
  • Also works well on construction boom trucks
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Meijer Handling Solutions aims to add value to our customers’ and end-users’ logistical supply chains. We are the world’s market leader in hydraulic lift truck forks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. Also, we are known for our palletless handling attachments such as the patented ROLLERFORKS® and our unique PushPull systems. The latest Meijer Handling Solutions product to be introduced to the market is the patented FLEX-OPS®, a safety enhancement for forklift trucks.


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