Plastic Pallet Bumper (DAWG)


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How the Plastic Pallet Bumper can help: 

  • Less time and money wasted due to lost sales, product returns, rework and disposal.
  • Fewer back charges and fines from receivers due to broken pallets and damaged product.
  • Faster loading and unloading because less time wasted handling damaged product.
  • Increased productivity due to fewer delays for drivers en route.
  • Higher on-time service ratios and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Decreased wear on forklifts and dock equipment from pallet debris on dock and trailer floor.
  • Reduced pallet debris prevents instability from sudden shifts in load center while handling.
  • Less time off forklift to clean-up pallet debris and handle damaged product.



“Our customers have eliminated their product and pallet damage by installing the Plastic Pallet Bumper. They work fantasticlly”.

– Arnold Machinery, Twin Fall, Idaho



Forklift operators appreciate the utility of the Plastic Pallet Bumper and, once applied do not want to work without one. The more time operators spend on lifts and off the floor, the faster and safer product handling occurs.  Fewer interruptions also reduces overall stress and enhances operator focus and awareness while on the forklift.

We realize pallets and equipment are assets that require significant resources. Companies utilizing Plastic Pallet Bumpers on their forklifts protect these assets by extending the usable life of their pallets and dock equipment.





Main causes:

  • The reinforced heel of the forks will catch the first pallet plank
  • The lift truck fork are not leveled
  • Operating (working) pressure of lift truck driver
  • Speed of forklift to high when entering the forks into the pallet
  • Use of weak pallet constructions
  • Moving (pushing) pallets over the workshop floor

Customers reports up to 80% reduction in damages to goods and pallets during forklift operations after installing the KOOI-Pallet Bumper on their forklift trucks. Adapting the KOOI-Pallet-Bumper the warehouse lift truck operators will be more efficient and will contribute to a better environment.

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Meijer Handling Solutions aims to add value to our customers’ and end-users’ logistical supply chains. We are the world’s market leader in hydraulic lift truck forks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. Also, we are known for our palletless handling attachments such as the patented ROLLERFORKS® and our unique PushPull systems. The latest Meijer Handling Solutions product to be introduced to the market is the patented FLEX-OPS®, a safety enhancement for forklift trucks.


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