KOOI®-Pallet Bumper

The KOOI®-Pallet Bumper is a load protector which helps reduce product and pallet damage often caused by forklift operators entering pallets at too high speed, with un-level forks or when product overhangs the edge of the pallet.

Using a KOOI®-Pallet Bumper reduces the damage risks as the “impact block”, which is mounted in the center of the forklift carriage, keeps the shank of the lift truck forks away from the pallet planks.  The “impact block” makes contact with the center pallet stringer, (the strong point of the pallet), keeping the upper planks and product away from impact with the fork shanks.


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KOOI®-Pallet Bumper applications? 

KOOI®-Pallet Bumper


  • Improper fork position (fork not level on entry)
  • High performance pressure on lift truck operators
  • Entering pallets at too high speed
  • Product overhang
  • Use of too weak or poorly constructed, (one-way), pallets
  • Moving pallets on the floor without lifting

Our advantages

  • Robust steel frame
  • Impact bumper positioned just below upper surface lead board
  • Impact block makes contact with stringer board, pallet block and lead board
  • Replaceable synthetic impact block
  • Heavy duty filler plate to overcome bending tolerances
  • Can be used with most side-shifters
  • Can be used with fork positioners and fork spreaders including fork adapters

Your savings

  • Lower operational costs through reduced product and pallet damage
  • Improved throughput rates by reducing or eliminating repackaging needs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower maintenance cost on lift trucks due to less damage from debris, (wheels, bearings, etc…)
  • Improved house-keeping, (cleaner operating environment)
  • Reduced risks of personal injuries or accidents which can be caused from operating with debris on the floor, debris falling from racked goods or contamination to products.




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