RollerForks® Push-Pulls combines the cost-saving benefits of RollerForks® along with proven push-pull technology creating a revolutionary pallet-less handling solution. The combo is faster than a standard Push/Pull especially when unloading. RollerForks® positioning is hydraulically to enter different pallet pockets and supporting the slip-sheeted goods in the best way. Meijer has introduced a new combo design with a better visibility.


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Push-Pulls with
Hydraulic Forkpositioner

The RollerForks® allow quick and easy handling and placement of floor-loaded pallet-less goods meaning the hydraulic portion of the attachment is only needed for separating double-stacked slip-sheeted loads or when removing a slip-sheeted load from a pallet. This makes the unit nearly twice as fast as any other push-pull. It’s also easy to use and inexpensive to maintain because the pantograph mechanism is not used that frequent as standard push/pulls and even pallets can be handled.

Features and options

  • Ideal for handling multiple stacked slip sheeted goods.
  • Fork width can be adjusted hydraulically to provide the best possible load stability.
  • Offer versatility for use with standard pallets as well as pallet-less loads.
  • Improved handling speed lowers handling cycle times and cost.




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