Many applications, such as Food and Pharmaceuticals, simply cannot allow the use of wooden pallets due to hygiene restrictions and/or contamination risks. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice, (GMP), guidelines and U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), regulations are all set in place to help ensure public health safety. What can they do to comply? Unlike a pallet inverter, the stationary pushpull-systems like the SPC & SPI does not invert the goods meens no contamination.


A Stationary Pallet Changer is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another in order to reduce contamination risks or validation issues with products that cannot be inverted.


A Stationary Pull Installation is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another within a cleanroom area where no wood is allowed because of hygiene regulations.


Stationairy Pallet Changer with octabin

When goods need to be transferred quickly from wooden to plastic pallets or vice-versa, in order to reduce contamination risks or validation issues with products that cannot be inverted, we offer our Stationary Pallet Changer. For sensitive and or dedicated loads the stationary pull installation is used without the risks associated with clamping or pushing. When freezer spacers must be removed or bagged goods need to be transferred, our Pallet Inverter becomes the most useful tool.

ROLLERFORKS® and Push-Pull attachments help simplify palletless handling:

  • Maximize cube utilization within trailers and containers.
  • Reduce pallet investment expense.
  • Easy compliance for HACCP and ISPM 15 regulations.
  • Reduce food and pharmaceutical contamination risks.
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Meijer Handling Solutions aims to add value to our customers’ and end-users’ logistical supply chains. We are the world’s market leader in hydraulic lift truck forks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. Also, we are known for our palletless handling attachments such as the patented ROLLERFORKS® and our unique PushPull systems. The latest Meijer Handling Solutions product to be introduced to the market is the patented FLEX-OPS®, a safety enhancement for forklift trucks.


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