Slipsheet Handling

A slip-sheet is a thin pallet sized sheet typically made of plastic, paperboard or a solid fiber. The sheet is designed to replace the pallet during ground or ocean transport. It typically has tabs on either one or two sides which protrude approximately 80mm (3”), beyond the base size in order to allow the ‘gripper’ of a push/pull attachment to clamp down on the tab.

The thin profile of a slip-sheet is only a small fraction of the vertical height of a pallet. This provides more space for additional product meaning more goods can often be shipped as a result. Since the sheet weighs far less than a pallet, it can also help reduce transport costs. An additional benefit is cost avoidance as expensive heat-treated pallets are no longer necessary to comply with phytosanitary regulations such as HACCP.  Injury and contamination risks caused by wood splinters, loose nails, etc… on wooden pallets, can also be reduced or eliminated. Read more


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ROLLERFORKS® provide a cost effective and highly versatile alternative to hydraulic Push-Pull attachments.   MEIJER HANDLING SOLUTIONS introduced this patented innovation in 2003 and it has been rapidly gaining in global popularity ever sense.

ROLLERFORKS are mechanical forks which contain a series of floating cartridges each consisting of two layer of rollers. When set onto a flat surface such as the floor or a pallet, each layer of rollers rotate in opposite directions as the lift truck moves. They turn at exactly the same speed as they are in direct contact.  This allows them to easily move under the slip-sheeted load as the truck moves forward or backward. When lifted, all of the cartridges drop below the top surface of the forks, allowing the unit load to remain safe and secure on the supporting fork blades.

ROLLERFORKS® provide a simple and smart solution for pallet-less handling.  They offer the versatility for use with standard pallets and they can be fitted to most any lift truck.  No hydraulics are required and they are easy to use, even for novice operators. These forks are ideal for handling single-stacked slip-sheeted loads. Read more

The Push/Pull is a traditional lift truck attachment and has virtually remained the same for decades.  MEIJER recognized this and subsequently designed enhanced versions of this traditional concept. Quick change fork mount models and carriage mount units are available. They have been designed using higher grade steel combined with laser cut components in order to provide greater strength and durability with minimized weight and improved visibility. Read more

Slip-sheet save functionality

Most of MEIJER Push/Pull range of attachments include an optional slip-sheet save function. This gives the customer the possibility to keep the slip-sheet at “home” for reuse in order to lower costs

KOOI-PALLETLESS handling attachments are the most ingenious attachments available designed to improve logistics operations by saving you money.

ROLLERFORKS® Push/Pull – Unparalleled speed and efficiency for pallet-less handling!

ROLLERFORKS® alone are ideal for handling single-stacked loads however, when double-stacked slip-sheeted loads must be separated or when a slip-sheeted unit load must be removed from a pallet, this can pose challenges.  MEIJER recognized this fact and created an innovative combination of the unique ROLLERFORKS® along with the traditional Push/Pull attachment called the ROLLERFORKS® Push/Pull.  This innovation boasts unparalleled speed and high efficiency making it the most productive pallet-less handling attachment on the market. It’s much faster and therefore reduces handling cycle times.  This is due to the fact that hydraulic ‘pull function’ is only required when separating double-stacks or removing slip-sheeted loads from pallets. The ‘push function’ is there but it’s not needed as once the sheet-gripper is released, the RollerForks are then used to place loads. The truck simply backs out from under the goods. This eliminates the push-cycle required on hydraulic attachments. It saves time and money. It also reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on the lift truck. Read more

ROLLERFORKS® Push/Pulls offer versatility for use with normal pallet handling providing added value to lift trucks.  A dedicated truck is no longer required for pallet-less handling operations.

RF-Pallet – Quick loading alternative

In applications where outbound pallet-less shipping is desired, a special RollerForks® Pallet, (RF-Pallet), can be used.  The RF-Pallets are captive pallets which never leave the premises. A one-time investment provides quick payback and ROI stemming from cost avoidance.

RF-Pallets can be created by modifying standard pallets. Wooden or plastic planks can be added to the top face of a standard pallet creating inserts for the RollerForks®.  Of course, pallet manufacturers can also offer RF-Pallets.  This design allows RollerForks® to quickly lift pallet-less loads from the captive pallet for loading into trailers or overseas containers.

The RF-Pallets can save you tremendous amount of money.

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