To keep developing and manufacturing the highest quality and safest telescopic forks, Meijer Handling Solutions complies to various ISO safety standards and regulations. These standards and regulations provide us with requirements, specifications, guidelines and/or characteristics we apply to our products.

ISO 13284

Meijer Handling Solutions is “world’s standard” for hydraulic fork-lift trucks. All its telescopic forks are produced accordantly to the specific ISO standard 13284. This international safety standard specifies that all forks need to be tested and approved with a safety of 3 just like ordinarily standard lift truck forks. This means that when the nominal capacity is 1000 kg for example, the telescopic forks needs to carry 3000 kg without a permanently deflection. Meijer Handling Solutions is not content with this regulation only and therefore an extra safety test is included randomly in its telescopic forks.

ISO 2330

Third parties are testing Meijer Handling Solutions telescopic forks to a dynamic duration test of 1 million cycles with an overload of 25%. This extreme safety test is being done including all their drillings, like oil channels and cylinder holes. This test shows that the well-known hydraulic forks can be used safe just like standard long forks. Considering that the forces in the materials are the same for both, standard forks and hydraulic forks, the safety regulations ISO 2330 for standard forks should also be the same for telescopic forks.

ISO 4406

During the process of honing and boring, little metal and rub pieces can stay in the basic forks. These little parts can be disastrous for the hydraulic system of the fork-lift truck when the telescopic forks are being connected to the hydraulic system of the fork-lift truck. Meijer Handling Solutions is able to make the hydraulic oil very clean again with a special designed filtering system and meets a purity on 17/15/12 comparable with NAS 5. The risk that the oil from the hydraulic forks will damage the hydraulic circuit of the lift truck is minimized.

ISO 3834-2:2006


The European standard ISO 3834-2:2006 represents quality demands for welding and for fusion welding of metallic material. For the best possible result of a weld one has to meet certain conditions. For example welding qualifications, method qualifications, technical design and management and storage of welding additives. Every weld made until now had to be tested and described by an independent inspection service. With this standard the safety of the following products is even more guaranteed : Hydraulic KOOI®ReachForks, Manual KOOI®ReachForks, KOOI®Mast Height Extensions, KOOI®Single Height Shifts and KOOI®RollerForks.

ISO 9001-2015


All standards Meijer is using are integrated in their internal quality regulations. All materials, parts, testing procedures etc. are part of the ISO 9001:2015 standards. The total ISO 9001:2015 is yearly approved by the Bureau Veritas Group.

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