Meijer Handling Solutions logistics products increase the ease of deployment and application of logistics/transportation resources, such as forklift trucks and their variants. Ideally, these products are unique to the market. This eagerness for innovation has its roots in the very beginning of the company, almost a century ago.


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Meijer-Handling-Solutions producer of KOOI-ReachForks

We are the proud pioneer of telescopic forks since 1980. We have become the world’s largest producer of telescopic forks which are commonly known under the trade name KOOI® ReachForks. Designs include manual telescopic forks and hydraulic ReachForks as single and double cylinder design with an integrated equalizer system.

RollerForks Push/pull slipsheet attachment

We supply the most advanced purpose built forklift slip sheet attachments available. Our innovative pallet-less handling equipment, such as our mechanical KOOI® RollerForks, make it easy for companies to lower operational costs by reducing or eliminating the use of pallets. In addition to the RollerForks, we also supply Pallet Transfer Systems.

Mast height extension by extension mast for additional lift of forklifts

We offer the ability to add lift height to a standard lift-truck mast. The KOOI® Mast Height Extension is especially useful if the existing mast does not comply with the requested height. The mast extensions provide additional mast lift height. For rough terrain or side-loader applications, we have developed the single height shift system which allows loads to remain level while being transported over uneven or sloping surfaces in order to help improve safety.


The KOOI® Systems can be used to transfer unit loads from wooden pallets to plastic pallets or vice versa. It can be placed in a convenient location to provide maximum efficiency for inbound/outbound pallet exchange or horizontal slip sheet transfer.


Meijer Handling Solutions provides top tier private label manufacturing for lift truck OEMs needing short development times and high quality products from single components to complete logistics and material handling systems.

KOOI-ReachControl is a length measuring system for hydraulic forklift forks preventing pallet damage inside warehouses

The KOOI® Next helps reducing damages to palletized goods and pallets caused by forklift impact due to forks are not levelled, driving speed is too high or goods standing over pallet (overhang). With a diverse range of products the KOOI® Next might be the solution for you.

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