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Al Khaleej Sugar a standalone refinery, located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), knows how sweet success can be. Started in 1995, it was the very first sugar refinery to be established in the Gulf Region, with a daily production capacity of 2,400 tons.

Since then it has not looked back. With a current daily production capacity of over 4,800 tons, it has already achieved the status of the largest standalone sugar refinery in the world and it has placed Dubai on the world’s Sugar Map. In 2005, Al Khaleej Sugar hosted in Dubai, the Sugar Trade MENA Conference and the Sugar Industry Technologists’(SIT) conference.
The refinery has continuously improved its operations to become one of the most energy efficient refineries in the world.

The main products of the company are pure white refined sugar of different grain sizes produced in the ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities located at Jebel Ali, Dubai. Sugar Syrup suitable mainly for use as cattle feed is produced as a by-product. The company also re-exports raw sugar to various end-users. Established in 1992 and operational since 1995, Al Khaleej Sugar Company (AKS) has been successful in placing itself at the very top of the Pyramid of all Standalone Sugar Refineries in the Globe. This was achieved within the span of 11 years of operation only!

The Refinery is strategically located in Jebel Ali Port, to serve the Middle East, Asian Sub-Continent, African and Far East Markets. The refinery has is own berth (220 metres long) for unloading raw sugar from ships. The company added substantial capacity for raw sugar storage in 2004. A dome shaped store with a diameter of 176 meters and a height of 84 meters, is the largest structure in the world for such usage. With the addition of this new raw sugar store, the total storage capacity of raw sugar has increased to about 1.2 million MT. The company produces refined sugar of highest quality compliant with the norms specified by European Economic Community 2 (EEC-2). AKS produces three types of refined Sugar (Fine, Extra fine and Coarse) and one animal feed by-product (Sugar Syrup). AKS products are regularly exported to over 40 countries, including the regional countries in the Arabian Gulf Region. With a current daily production capacity of over 4,800 MT of Refined Sugar, AKS has already reached the status of being the Largest Stand Alone Sugar Refinery in the World. Al Khaleej”Refined White Crystal Cane Sugar is produced by refining High Quality cane raw sugar. Benchmarked against EEC-2 specification, free flowing granulated Al Khaleej Refined white Crystal Sugar retains the food value of pure sucrose due to optimum degree of refining under hygienic conditions.

This versatile product can be used as an everyday sweetener for direct consumption, as well as a sweetening ingredient for all kinds of beverages and soft drinks, confectionery and processed food, pharmaceuticals and industrial products.

To facilitate specific end-use for different market segments, three grain-sizes namely Coarse Grain Sugar, Fine Grain Sugar and Extra Fine Grain Sugar are produced by AKS. Coarse grain sugar is preferred as table sugar adding visual delight due to regular beautiful shape of the crystals as well as usage in some food industries which require suprior quality refined sugar . Fine grain sugar beside its cunsumption as table sugar ,appreciable quantities are being i consumed by the industrial sector for direct processing. Extra fine grain size it is spaciality product suitable for dry mixed products like in powdered drinks production. It is also a popular product in confectionery, Bakery and other industrial end-use. Food safety and Hygiene standards are strictly adhered, as per HACCP, with continuous monitoring for any non-compliance.

The sugar can be packed in 25 kg, 50 kg and jumbo bags of 1000 kg. In order to speed up export loading and to minimise manual handling of the bags in line with strict hygiene standards, Al Khaleej recently decided to invest in RollerForks. During a materials handling exhibition last year in Dubai they came across the stand of Al Thika Packaging LLC, leading supplier of packaging machinery and materials, based in Dubai and the official representative of RollerForks in the Gulf area. Al Thika supplied a pair of RollerForks for demonstration and after a successful trial, Al Khaleej Sugar ordered two pairs. With the patented RollerForks they are also able to ship goods overseas without making use of pallets, thus reducing their manufacturing overhead. RollerForks are a mechanical fork lift device which make no use of any hydraulics. This not only eliminates expensive maintenance issues but also ensures there is no risk of oil contaminating their sensitive food products.


Al Thika Packaging LLC have now contacted a number of Al Khaleej’s international and local customers and several have expressed interest in using RollerForks to off load the bags of sugar on arrival at their warehouses.





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