KOOI-Palletless, Case study

Handling octabins without the use of pallets

Octabins are large, standardized containers that are used for storing items such as vegetables, granulated plastics and other dry products. They are made of thick cardboard and come with an optional inner polyethylene bag. Because of their inherently stable and strong construction, Octabins can replace the traditional wooden or plastic bins and boxes that are widely used in the food and food processing industry. Octabins are manufactured according to HACCP standards. Octabins do not need to be cleaned, which means less transportation costs and a significant reduction in environmental impact, especially when pallets become redundant.


Hygiene regulations

In the food industry, the use of plastic pallets is obligatory due to hygiene regulations. However, the required capital outlay for plastic pallets is high and the number of used pallets therefore needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. Rather than using an expensive pallet inverter, lifting the Octabins from costly plastic pallets and transferring them to cheaper wooden pallets can be done with the aid of ROLLERFORKS®. Naturally the RollerForks can also be used to place the slipsheeted Octabins into containers directly.

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