Due to the continued demand for their KOOI-REACHFORKS® and successful launch of the innovative RollerForks®, MSE-Forks has completed the installation of a new machining centre in March of this year.

MSE-Forks is the world’s largest manufacturer ofhydraulic telescopic lift truck forks, which it distributes through a global network of specialist dealers. By using the telescopic forks it is possible to load and/or unload lorries from one side. Goods can also be stacked double deep in warehouses, offering more storage space within the same floor area.

Increasingly MSE is asked to manufacture custom-built products, for example special telescopic forks and lift truck mast extensions. Following their successful introduction in the Netherlands last year, the award winning RollerForks® are now being introduced worldwide.


A 22% increase in production of the telescopic forks and RollerForks®, compared to the first quarter last year, created pressure to carry out a wide range of machining operations more efficiently in-house. In the past these processes were contracted out or were done on a conventional miller, which was available internally. In order to meet market demands, MSE started a search for the best machining centre available. The new machine had to meet a range of criteria and be able to drill, to mill and to thread. Due to the various lengths of the telescopic forks it also had to be able to handle relatively long components. Having studied a number of options over a 6-month period, the Dutch manufacturer Unisign from Panningen was contracted to supply a Univers6 machine. The Univers6 machining centre has a mobile column with 3000mm of lateral movement. It also has a sophisticated component handling system that simplifies the machining of forks and other items. The machining column has a cutter magazine that holds 52 separate tools and with 2 clamping tables the centre can handle up to 8 forks simultaneously.

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