KOOI-Reachforks, Case study

The storage room of binder Callenbach from Nijkerk in The Netherlands had been too tight for some time. The arrival of another 400 extra pallets coming from a new client for which the bookbinder does the ordering only made it worse. A practical solution was needed. Also because of the fact that plans for a new storage room would not solve the current lack of space. Also thanks to Komatsu new space has been created.


The existing storage room has been set up again with the help of Komatsu and a storage room designer. “That was quite a puzzle” remembers Ab van Plaggenhoef, manager at Callenbach. “The old building is filled with steel constructions, so there is no room for a compact storage system”.

Nevertheless Callenbach’s storage capacity doubled to 1500pallets. The increase has been made possible by using a Komatsu reachtruck (type AR-FB 16 RW-1R) equipped with reachforks. The truck stacks pallets double deep and by doing this space is optimally used. The gangways are not only less wide than before, also less gangways are needed.

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