KOOI-Reachforks, Case study

KOOI® ReachForks on Combilift C6000


For the handling of bright steel – from raw material to finished product – J. Adolf Bäuerle relies on the efficiency and flexibility of four-way forklift trucks supplied by Combilift of Ireland.

The Böblingen-based company of J. Adolf Bäuerle GmbH & Co. KG ranks as an industry leader in the manufacture of bright steel products. Since 1998, the company has been part of the Georgsmarienhütte Holding group, supplying bright steel in a variety of specifications and finishes to customers in many different industries throughout Europe, e.g. engineering, agriculture, automotive and textiles. For the transport of the bright steel – from the raw material stage through to the finished product – the company employs four-way trucks supplied by Combilift. The transport and storage of heavy and moreover extremely long loads at Bäuerle used to be handled by a combination of side loaders and overhead crane. “This process left a lot to be desired,” says Plant Manager Michael Keppeler. “The limited manoeuvrability of the side loader increased the risk of damage to the product, and the dual handling slowed down the entire transport process.”


Two Combilift C6000 models with diesel engine and a carrying capacity of six tonnes have now replaced the previous setup and are facilitating the efficient transport of steel inside the factory building itself and in the separate warehouse. They ensure that the bundled steel, which ranges from three to nine metres in length, makes the journey from storage to production line without a hitch. Thanks to the trucks’ four-way design, passing through the relatively narrow entrance does not create any problems. Furthermore, the long items can be deposited at the precise spot where they are required. “These are the first trucks we have had that are capable of doing this,” says a delighted Michael Keppeler. With its high loading capacity, the Combilift C6000 can carry two batches simultaneously, thereby considerably enhancing production throughput. Thanks to their robust design, Combilift trucks can easily cope with the harsh conditions at Bäuerle, operating a two-shift day from 5.30am to 11pm. “The spacious cab and the telescopic forks are perfect for efficient operation and for driver comfort,” explains Michael Keppeler. “Because of the long hours that the operators spend driving around inside and outside the building, it is essential that we provide them with an ergonomic environment.” The well-appointed Combilift cabin ticks all the right boxes in terms of comfort and convenience. The telescopic forks facilitate the loading and unloading of trucks, and the agility of the vehicle makes it ideal for manoeuvring in the tight spaces between production areas. “With these highly flexible trucks, we are able to store our materials more efficiently and thereby increase productivity,” adds Keppeler.



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