KOOI-Reachforks, Case study

Dorel designs, develops, tests and manufactures child car seats. To maximise efficiency within the space available, Dorel stack their pallets double deep. “Because we have fewer aisles, this provides more pallet places,” says Van den Heuvel. “We have 22,500 pallet spaces in the warehouse for the finished products, and another eight or nine thousand pallet spaces for the components and assembly.

“Every day, about 350 to 550 pallets leave the warehouse, and an equal number arrives daily. Using forklift trucks, equipped with KOOI-REACHFORKS ®, the driver can position the pallets on top of one another. With a potential stack height of more than ten metres in the large warehouse, this is no easy task. From the driver’s seat, it is impossible to see where the fork is being placed. Without a camera system, the driver has to guess where the fork is positioned, greatly increasing the risk of damage.” That is not an option for Dorel, according to Van den Heuvel. “If a pallet with 24 child seats falls, you can just imagine what the damage could add up to. Want to see what you’re doing? Then an Orlaco camera system is a must.”

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