This new drilling machine is ideal for drilling holes in the fork back on all positions. The drill head in the machine is specifically developed for MSE-FORKS, and it enables drilling very close to the heel. The demand for forks with a bore pattern is increasing and with this machine MSE-FORKS is ready to fulfil this demand. Furthermore this machine can be used for drilling and tapping oil connections in the fork back, and drilling, tapping and light machining of different parts for our pallet less transport products.

The manufacturer of the drilling machine developed a new system to drill holes: the machine drilling head is moving on three coordinate axes until it finds the exact point where the hole needs to be drilled. Positioning, clamping and eventually drilling are done mechanically. The saving in the costly set up and reduction of production times causes that this investment can be made profitable in just a short time.

No previous CNC knowledge is required, because figuring out the programs is very simple. Some of the problems encountered in machining single pieces and small batches, for example marking out, centre punching or centring on a milling machine, can now be done away with, since there is the possibility to do automatic positioning and manual drilling.

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