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Sesaco is an acronym for Sesame Coordinators. Established in 1978, the company has worked in all phases of commercialization of sesame to include plant research, variety development, planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, receiving, cleaning, exporting, importing, processing, product development, and bulk sales.

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L. Pedaliaceae) is one of the oldest crops known to humans. There are archeological remnants dating to 5,500 years ago in the Indian subcontinent. Assyrian tablets from 4,300 years ago describe how before the gods battled to restore order to the universe, they ate bread and drank sesame wine together. Most people remember the words “Open sesame” from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves used to open a cave full of riches. This is similar to the sesame capsules in that their opening produced great riches. Sesame was a major oilseed in the ancient world because of its ease of extraction, its great stability, and its drought resistance.

Sesaco has been contracting with farmers to grow sesame in Arizona since 1978, and in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas since 1987. With continuous growth and export business on the rise, Sesaco continually strives to maintain top-notch customer service.

One of their most recent achievements pertains to lowered operational costs within their shipping department How did they do this? The answer was as simple as the statement, “open sesame”, (once they discovered RollerForks®). Long story short; the company studied new ways of completing their fulfillment process and decided to investigate the mechanical slipsheet attachment RollerForks® as a means of helping improve their pallet-less loading process. Al Lewin, Consultant, contacted Reachable Solutions, (US distributor for MSE-Forks), and arranged for an on-site evaluation of the forks. It didn’t take long for them to realize the savings RollerForks® could provide. Without hesitation, they purchased the forks as soon as the demo was complete.

Lewin says, “The forks are working perfectly and loading time is cut down by 70%, with no labor other than lift driver. This would be compared to 3 people hand loading at 2 to 3 hours each container and 3 containers per day. With the RollerForks we have just the driver and can load one container every 40 minutes or less. A very good investment, without a doubt”.

Sesaco photo: Jimmy Bales (warehouse supervisor) on the right and Wes Miller (warehousemen) on left.

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