Four welding robots and AGV’s for the production of KOOI® ReachForks.

Meijer-Handling-Solutions producer of KOOI-ReachForks new welding robots from Valk-Welding

Meijer Group continues to invest heavily
Despite the current circumstances, the Meijer Group continues to invest heavily. It was decided to purchase 4 new welding robots with a fully automated unloading and feeding system by means of AGVs. These installations will be used, among other things, to weld the thousands of outer sleeves for the KOOI®ReachForks. The welding robots are able to weld unmanned because the AGV’s provide the welding robots with the welding jigs. In addition to this investment, the Meijer Group has also decided to purchase a special deep drilling / milling machine due to the complexity of some telescopic KOOI®ReachForks. With these investments, Meijer Handling Solutions can produce more efficient and meet the increased demand of products in the near future.

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Anval-latinoameric represents KOOI-ReachForks for most Latin-American countries.The well-known hydraulic extendable forklift forks, KOOI ReachForks are represented in Australia by Cascade