Heavy-duty KOOI® ReachForks for handling bus chassis

Two months back, we shared a post about our order for ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? with an impressive capacity of ????????,???????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ????????. The earlier photo illustrated the forks’ arrival as base material at Meijer Handling Solutions.

Now, the fork has been transformed into hydraulic extendable lift truck forks and equipped with ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? on both the fork back and the horizontal blade to ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? to the chassis, and this protection also acts as an ????????????????-????????????????.

These ????????????????®????????????????????????????????????????, will be mounted on a ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? which will then be used at a company engaged in the production of buses. The side loader manufacturer will still modify one of the ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????, allowing the chassis to be maneuvered into different positions. The exceptionally heavy ReachForks are now being prepared for transport and will be shipped horizontally to customers on a special pallet.

The photo shows our dealer manager ????????. ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, who, together with ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????, was able to realize this beautiful order.

heavy-duty kooi® reachforks
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