How to load and unload trucks even faster – Multi-Pallet Handler

Telescopic forks improves efficiency on Single-Double Attachments


Perhaps you recognize the situation. Waiting trucks that want to be loaded and/or unloaded but due to understaffing or availability of forklifts cannot get to the turn earlier.
Multi Pallet Handlers are used in all kinds of industries but are most frequently used in the beverage industries handling beer, soft drinks, mineral water, etc. Standard pallet handlers are, fitted with standard forks and are able to lift only one or two pallets next to each other.
When adapting telescopic KOOI® Forks, the single double pallet handlers have the possibility to (un)load trucks, and trains with two pallets at the same time from one side, or even lifr four pallets at the same time.
But the KOOI® ReachForks can also be used as extension forks if the sides of the pallets have different dimensions. For example, the ReachForks are extended from 800 mm to 1200 mm if Europallets are used and in this way, the pallet is always adequately supported and cannot protrude at the rear causing damage.

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