A common problem in organisations where several different pallet sizes are used, for example in the packaging, paper, beverage and furniture industries, is that it is hard to find the optimum length of forklift forks because they are either too long or too short. If the forks are too long, they will protrude through the rear of the pallet when they are being inserted into it and catch any load located behind it when they are raised. This will damage the pallet and possibly the product, and in the worst case, someone could get injured.

If the forks are too short, there is a real chance that the pallet and load will not be sufficiently supported, causing them to topple forwards off the forklift. Both cases will result in costs being incurred (damage, delays, administration, repackaging, etc.).

We often see dubious solutions such as forklift extensions that slide over the forks or hand-operated folding stops that are designed to shorten the length of the forks. In all cases, the operator has to get out of the forklift truck to perform these tasks. For one thing this takes up a lot of time and for another, it is not recommended due to safety considerations.

KOOI® REACHFORKS have been used in these types of situations for many years because their length can be set manually or hydraulically to match the size of the pallet. If Manual Extension Forks are chosen, the forks can be extended or reduced in length by hand using adjustable outer sleeves with a range of predetermined settings. When using hydraulic forks, it is somewhat more complicated to pre-set the lengths as we are dealing here with the hydraulic movement of the outer sleeve.

In recent years, Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced a number of systems that allow the length of the forks to be set; however, each of these systems came with its own particular shortcoming. The most obvious drawback was that when using a position sensor both the inner forks and the outer forks required special modification. This means that if an existing reach fork customer wanted to use this system, they would be more or less forced to purchase a complete new set of hydraulic forks. This is of course not exactly an ideal situation.

Meijer Handling Solutions will shortly be introducing its KOOI® ReachControl; a patented system that includes a flowmeter (base unit 100x80x60 mm -3.93×3.14×2.36) and an app to operate the system. As the name suggests, this flowmeter can detect the amount of oil flowing through the reach forks. Specially developed software can be read using an app that is compatible with standard Android or iOS smartphones. The more extensive version of the KOOI® ReachControl features the ability to stop the outer sleeves at certain set lengths (at least 8 pre-sets).

Customers can enter the variables themselves and allocate a specific name to each setting. The system can be mounted on any telescopic fork as no modifications to the reach forks are required.

Without the automatic stop function, the system can be rapidly installed and information is transmitted by means of a Bluetooth® signal. The KOOI® ReachControl system is also fitted with a tilt indicator as standard so that you can immediately see that the reach forks are being inserted horizontally into the pallet openings. After all, if the forks are not horizontal when they are being inserted, they will damage the deck of the pallet. The tilt indicator can also help improve handling cycle time by allowing the lift truck operator to work faster as the operator always know if the forks are level prior to entering into the pallet.

The auto-stop system features a special valve. In addition, a power supply is required because otherwise the battery in the KOOI® ReachControl would run down too quickly.

Although the app can be downloaded to any modern smartphone (iOS/Android), Meijer Handling Solutions recommends purchasing the specially developed 5″ colour monitor because this can be connected to an external power supply and features a sturdy casing. The KOOI® monitor can also be operated while wearing most commonly worn work gloves, and when used in conjunction with KOOI® ReachControl, it offers one of the most innovative solutions in the field of pallet damage prevention.

Specifically, we will list all the important benefits:

  • No modifications on existing and new ReachForks
  • Ideally for after sales purposes
  • Useable on all brands of telescopic forks
  • Programmable by mobile app (Android / iOS)
  • Free choice in numbers of pre-sets and naming
  • Automatically connection with Bluetooth® signal
  • More systems can be used in same area
  • No wiring needed (without auto-stop)
  • Including standard tilt indicator.


  • Auto-stop valve
    • Power supply 12-24 Volts
  • 5″ colour monitor
    • External power supply (12-24 Volts)
    • Sturdy casing and modern design
    • Can be operated with most commonly work gloves
  • Forklift pillar tablet mount

The system will be available at the end of 2019.

For more information see our product page for the KOOI® ReachControl

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