Poured Floors of New York & New Jersey saves time with KOOI®-ReachForks

Hydraulically retractable and extendable forklift forks, KOOI-ReachForks, for loading and unloading truck and or trains.

Poured Floors of New York & New Jersey has a reputation as one of the leading companies in the area providing top notch floor leveling services. Poured Floors installs only the floor leveling work and leaves the floor covering installations to the many companies throughout the region offering a vast range of coverage options to the final customers’.

Poured Floors was founded by David Melnick.  Melnick began installing floor leveling underlayment in the early 1990’s while at the same time becoming a certified master floor installer. His company has since gained a reputation for its first class customer service and high quality products. Melnick has taken great pride in offering state-of-the-art technology in order to provide added value to his customers.

Poured Floors is particularly proud to be the first and only non-union floor leveling installer on the east coast to use a Continuous Mixing Pump System. “This allows us to provide the best value and highest quality work for our clients”, says Melnick. “I also strive to cut costs within our operations side so we can pass along these savings to our customers and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace”, he adds.
One such example of operational savings relates to the use of hydraulic telescopic KOOI-REACHFORKS® for loading/unloading tasks.

Poured Floors has fitted their delivery fleet vehicles with truck mounted forklifts complete with KOOI-REACHFORKS® which allow loading and unloading from just one side. “This saves time and money not to mention, it also improves safety and helps avoid traffic jams when we’re delivering in urban areas”, Melnick states.
The company has also fitted KOOI-REACHFORKS® to it warehouse forklift to enhance storage abilities and make better use of available storage space.
Poured Floors of New York & New Jersey has grown to become a preferred vendor for many customers and contractors throughout their region and  Meijer Handling Solutions is proud of the fact KOOI-REACHFORKS® have attributed to their success.

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