Load push attachment for Dutch company Jaczon

Load Pusher

Looking out of the office, which is largely made of glass, you can see forklift trucks come and go. They may, for example, be transporting palletized fish blocks from a Jaczon stern trawler like the Johanna Maria (120 metres long) to one of the cold storage warehouses. These are the headquarters of a company that employs more than 300 people and operates worldwide in various fields of activities.

Jaczon started out as a ship-owner focusing on herring fishery and trade. Today, the most important activities are still fishing, fish processing and the sale of Jaczon’s own fish products. Operating a fleet of the most advanced fishing vessels, they combine traditional knowledge of fishing with innovative fish finding, catching and processing equipment. Over the years, Jaczon has built up a considerable reputation in the fishing world. The market for their fish products is worldwide, and they export sea-frozen fish to many different countries, from Germany to Japan, from Nigeria to Cuba.

“More and more customers do not want to receive their frozen products on pallets because of costs and all kinds of hygiene regulations,” says Mr. Cok van Look, Jaczon’s purchasing manager. “For those cases, we used a stationary pallet inverter in combination with a Load Push for many years. Last week, the existing Load Push was replaced by a Load Push from Meijer Handling Solutions. We already knew this Dutch company through their ROLLERFORKS®, and we asked their Dutch representative Griptech BV about the possibility of acquiring a Load Push system. We were lucky, because recently Meijer Handling Solutions also started offering push/pull systems, and in addition to their push/pull equipment, they also have a ‘heavy duty load pusher’ in their assortment, originally designed for the cement industry but also useful to ‘push’ the fish into the container because of the harsh conditions.”

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