Manual KOOI-REACHFORKS® Helps to keep the lights on

Manual retractable and extendable forklift forks, KOOI ReachForks, for loading and unloading truck and or trains at equipment depot

Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. serves 32,000 member-accounts in south-central Pennsylvania. The member-owned utility company serves a vital role to the communities it covers and therefore, operations support is a crucial element of customer service success. The cooperative, headquartered in Gettysburg, faces many weather related challenges year round however, harsh winter weather can pose exceptional encounters.

For this reason, they needed a heavy-duty forklift which could stand up to the elements having the ability to operate in snow and wet gravel. They also needed a truck with a compact footprint for indoor operation within confined areas along with capabilities to load their flatbed service trucks from one side. For this, they tapped the expertise of Equipment Depot.

Manuel reachfork

Operations Coordinator, Mike Feathers worked with Josh Melnichak, Account Manager for Equipment Depot to select and specify the ideal solution for the challenges presented.

The result, a Sellick model 35D 4×4 Teletruk fitted with a side-shifting fork positioner and Manual Extendable Heavy-Duty KOOI-REACHFORKS®.

The telescopic forks help avoid injury risks often associated with the handling of loose fork extensions and they’re always available when needed. “Safety is the number one priority for Adams Electric”, says Feathers, “and of course, operational savings is beneficial to our customers and our company”.

Manual KOOI-REACHFORKS® adds value through increased versatility.

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