Meijer Handling Solutions Unveils Pallet Inverters

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Meijer Handling Solutions, a ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? of such products as the well-known ????????????????® ????????????????????????????????????????, is proud to announce that in the second half of next year they will begin manufacturing and selling innovative pallet inverters. This step marks an important expansion of their product range in the field of pallet-changing machines and highlights their ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in logistics.

Primarily, ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????, among other things, to replace wooden pallets with plastic pallets, hygienic pallets, or other types of pallets for various purposes such as storage, shipping, or meeting hygiene regulations in food processing. In addition, the units are used in the food processing industry and the inverter can be used to freeze products more evenly by adding spacers between products. After freezing, the load is turned 90 degrees again and the spacers are removed. Now they only produce pallet-changing machines where the pallet is moved horizontally and not rotated. These machines are extremely suitable for the healthcare pharmaceutical industry.

Meijer Handling Solutions’ new line of pallet turners will not only be robust and reliable but also equipped with advanced features that set them apart in the market. Customers can expect these products to increase efficiency in their operations, while also contributing to a safer work environment, as can be expected from products sold under the KOOI® label.

The introduction of pallet tilters is a strategic move for Meijer Handling Solutions as they strive to offer a more diverse range of products that meet the growing needs of their customers. With a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, the company is committed to providing world-class products that optimize their customers’ logistics processes, as all metal parts are produced under one roof.

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Meijer Handling Solutions is a part of the Meijer Group, a 100-year-old family business, which also includes Meijer Metal. Meijer Metal is known as one of the most advanced metalworking companies in the Netherlands, with a high degree of automation and robotization in their processes.

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