Meijer’s fight against cancer

On 3 and 4 September 2020, the Meijer Group will participate in the Groot Verzet tegen Kanker (Ventoux against Cancer) event as its main sponsor. We will hike, cycle and climb Mont Ventoux for the Mont Ventoux foundation. We see the ascent of this French mountain in Provence as a sporting battle that symbolises the fight against cancer. Together with colleagues, friends and/or family, we will collect money for two projects that the foundation will select from within the Dutch Cancer Society and local charities.

Meijer-Group Ventoux against Cancer

Mont Ventoux foundation
Ever since 2007, we have been annually organising the Groot Verzet tegen Kanker event – the ascent of Mont Ventoux as a sporting battle that symbolically reflects the fight against cancer.
Our key words – feeling, energy and ambition – symbolise what we as a foundation want to stand for: the feeling and involvement of volunteers and participants in the event, the energy and personal motivation of participants to take part in the event, and the ambition to support research goals of the Dutch Cancer Society as well as local charities in the fight against cancer with the sponsorship money raised by the participants, teams and volunteers.

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