Reduce risk and increase space with high-capacity hydraulic forklift forks

The ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????? when maneuvering and the more dangerous it becomes. Especially when long forks are also chosen, the chance of material damage increases. With hydraulic forklift forks, the length of forks can be adjusted, and the forklift does not have to drive continuously with long forks; thus, the forklift becomes safer. With the ????????????????® ????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ????????????????, or the Extendable ReachForks can be used to handle various large packages that need to be picked up from both, the wide, and long sides without protruding from the back.

In the photo, the basic material for the ReachForks, which are produced by the Swedish company Booforge Steel AB , a specialist in very high capacity forklift forks. The forks have dimensions of 300×75 mm with a fork shank height of 2400 mm and a capacity of 25,000 kg / 600 mm.

After the forks have been transformed into KOOI® ReachForks, the forks have a retracted length of 2100 mm and an extended length of 2900 mm. with an outer sleeve section of 320×97 mm.

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