Meijer-Group invests in Robotic Machine Tending

The Meijer-Group has purchased two Kawasaki Robotics (robot loaders), each of which will automatically load a milling machine. The 6-axis loading robot with a handling capacity of ± 200 kg, picks up the workpieces to be processed from AGVs that also provide the welding robots with machine tending. As soon as the milling parts are ready, the loading robot takes the processed milling parts out of the milling machine and places the product in a pallet, which is then placed in a buffer tower by an AGV. With this new investment, the Meijer-Group is taking another major step in automating operations.

The Meijer-Group consists of two companies, Meijer Handling Solutions B.V. (KOOI® ReachForks) and Meijer Metal

Picture: to illustrate only.

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