TINE Midt-Norge supplies the products with RollerForks®

Forklift palletless handling attachment, RollerForks for slipsheets to handle corrugated boxes.

One of the companies in Norway that is using the RollerForks for quite some months now, is the company TINE Midt-Norge. TINE Midt-Norge is part of TINE BA, which is Norway’s leading supplier of food products.

TINE Midt-Norge supplies milk products, like cheese and butter products, to the end-user market. They heard about the RollerForks from Smurfitt Kappa Norpapp and thought this application could also help to improve their production process. After a short demo, organized by Thor Erichsen from IGE-Consults, the local dealer of MSE’s products in Norway, the people from TINE-Midt were convinced of the effectiveness of RollerForks. Especially the low costs, the simple design and the time-saving aspect of the product were crucial factors for TINE Midt to invest in RollerForks, says Mr. Oddvin Drøppin.

Products of TINE Midt-Norge are packed in paper and craft paper and therefore are very easy to handle with the RollerForks. Now the products can be transported fast and simple from the production area to the store without making use of pallets. This significant improvement in the company’s production process helps the company to be more effective.

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