Manual KOOI® ReachForks for U.S. beer distributors

Manual Reachforks

Handling variable pallet sizes has been an ongoing challenge for beer distributors.  Since most brewers use differing pallet sizes to accommodate varying packaging and product types, it poses a challenge for receiving and distribution operations.  Pallet depths generally range between 32”, (815mm), and 48”, (1220mm).   Forklift trucks are often fitted with a median fork length, typically between 36”, (915mm), and 42”, (1070mm), in order to properly support all loads. The greatest number of damage issues stems from using an improper fork length for handling the short loads. When the forks tines are longer than the load, they protrude beyond the far side and cause product and pallet damage, resulting in escalated costs and reduced profitability.

Manual Extendable KOOI® FORKS provide a simple solution with a prompt payback and return on investment.   They simply replace the original forks and can be installed within minutes. Since they are strictly mechanical, no hydraulics are required. This means you can easily retrofit Manual KOOI®FORKS to existing equipment.

U.S. beer distributors are realizing their value in the form of cost avoidance.  A short retracted length of just 31.5”, (800mm), is ideal for supporting 32”, (810mm), pallets while the extended length of 47.2”, (1200mm), accommodates all others. No more product or pallet damage from protrusion!  A simple release lever located under the tip of the forks allows the operator to quickly and easily slide the forks in or out to the desired location.  They are always available when needed and they do not require heavy lifting. This saves time and helps avoid injury risks and workers comp claims.

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