Unload an entire container of bagged goods in just minutes!

Forklift palletless handling attachment, RollerForks for slip-sheets to handle milk powder from Fonterra

ROLLERFORKS®  provide a quick and easy way for manufacturers of bagged goods such as powdered milk, flour, chemicals etc. to load and unload containers or trailers.  They provide a welcomed alternative to double-wide hydraulic push-pull type attachments which are costly, cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

By using multiple sets of ROLLERFORKS® set side-by-side on a simple wide fork carriage, a single lift truck operator can handle as many as 4 “ pallets”  worth of goods at once!  Combine this with the cost-saving benefits of pallet-less shipping (maximum cube utilization, reduced weight, elimination of pallet costs, etc.), and companies can drastically reduce their operational costs in order to gain a leading edge against competitors.

Of course ROLLERFORKS® can also be used for handling individual palletless loads such as slip-sheeted goods, cartons, FIBC bags, tires, mattresses, appliances and more.

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When long goods need to be positioned horizontally by lifting one forklift fork a single height shift system is used.Rollerized Tine Extenders for the handling of ULD and air freight pallets used by all kind of airforces