Vertical storage for KOOI®-ReachForks

The Meijer-Group recently purchased two Kardex Remstar systems to streamline production and production flow. Due to the growing demand for KOOI®ReachForks and the diversity of models that Meijer Handling Solutions produces, logistics in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. The diversity of models is prompted by the demand of various manufacturers of forklift trucks and attachments who have developed new areas of application in the field of telescopic forks.

The Kardex Shuttle XP is a vertical lift module and is a high-density storage system with some significant features like:

  • Optimization and Centralization of warehouse space
  • Shorten lead time
  • Improve process and internal logistics
  • Conditioning – low dust (overpressure regulated externally)
  • Good utilization of the building and volumes / locations
  • Optimal location management
  • Prevent mistakes and searching
  • Optimization of storage & management
  • Quality assurance

Good working conditions are an important aspect of warehouse work. When optimized as with the Kardex system, it can also significantly improve order picking time. Moreover, the employees do not have to search, and they can collect all parts in an ergonomically sound manner. The components in the Kardex system are linked to the ERP system and the in-outbound is automatically tracked.

With the installation of the Kardex system, Meijer Handling Systems has taken again a step to expand even further and be able to guarantee and improve the well-known quality and delivery performance.

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Horizontal slip-sheeted pallet changer used to transfer goods from plastic to wooden pallets in cleanrooms.Comparison between low-maintenance hydraulic extension forks and a heavy weight pantograph system for forklift.