KOOI® ReachControl

Meijer Handling Solutions introduces the KOOI® ReachControl; a patented system that includes a small flowmeter (10x8x6 cm) and an app to operate the system. As the name suggests, this flowmeter can detect the amount of oil flowing through telescopic forks.

The specially developed app, compatible with standard Android or iOS devices, can be used to receive and display data of the flowdivider. The more extensive version of the KOOI® ReachControl features the ability to stop the outer sleeves at certain customer adjustable lengths (at least 8 pre-sets).


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KOOI® ReachControl


A common problem in organisations where several different pallet sizes are used, for example in the packaging, paper and furniture industries, is that it is hard to find the optimum length of forklift forks because they are either too long or too short. If the forks are too long, they will protrude through the rear of the pallet when they are being inserted into it and catch any load located behind it when they are raised. This will damage the pallet and possibly the product, and in the worst case, someone could get injured.


  • Auto-stop valve
    • Power supply 12-24 Volts
  • 5” colour monitor
    • External power supply (12-24 Volts)
    • Sturdy casing and modern design
    • Can be operated with most commonly work gloves
  • Forklift tablet, phone or display mount


  • No modifications on existing and new telescopic forks
  • Ideally for after sales purposes
  • Useable on all brands of hydraulic telescopic forks
  • Programmable by mobile app (Android / iOS)
  • Free choice in numbers of pre-sets and naming
  • Automatic connection with Bluetooth® signal
  • More systems can be used in same area.
  • No wiring needed (without auto-stop).
  • Including standard tilt indicator

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