Meijer Handling Solutions offers the ability to add lift height to a standard lift-truck mast. The “mast height extension” is especially useful if the existing mast does not comply with the requested height. This forklift attachment provides the mast with additional lift height. For rough terrain or side-loader applications, we have developed the single height shift system which allows loads to remain level while being transported over uneven or sloping surfaces in order to help improve safety.


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KOOI® ATTACHMENTS applications?

KOOI® Mast Height Extensions

The KOOI® Mast Height Extension is designed to increase the lifting height of an existing forklift mast. You can increase the maximum height of your racking without the need to change the mast or buy a new lift truck.

KOOI® Load Balance

KOOI® Load Balanced Forks can be raised or lowered by 100 mm to compensate for the difference in height without damaging the loads and compensate bumps over rough terrain.

KOOI® Hydraulic Coil Boom

KOOI® Hydraulic coil booms are used when coils, reels or cylindrical products needs to be moved forward or when the length is variable. The boom telescopes in and out, hydraulically.

KOOI® Carriage & Fork Extension Boom

A Jib Crane can be used to lift a load that is equipped with a grip on the upper side. The Jib crane is provided with a standard swivel loading hook. By using the deep bore technology, the portable arm can be extended and retracted hydraulically from the drivers seat.

The hydraulic extendable booms are designed to comply to ISO/ITA/FEM fork lift carriages.

  • Swivel hook 360 degrees for turning loads.
  • Mechanical extension.
  • Several capacities and lengths are possible on request.

KOOI® Adapter Carriage

In some cases customers need a wider lift truck carriage because the lift truck forks need to be positioned as wide as possible, to handle two pallets side-ways or an existing attachment needs to be replaced with different carriage.

The carriages can be produced in all kind of combinations complying to ISO2328-2007. On request other combinations and lengths are possible. The lower mounting hooks (lift truck side) are bolted for easier connection.

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