KOOI® Mast Height Extension


The KOOI® Mast Height Extension is designed to increase the lifting height of an existing forklift mast. By adding the Mast Height Extension, (MHE), to a lift truck, you can increase the maximum height of your racking without the need to change the mast or buy a new lift truck. This saves money. Similarly, the Mast Height Extension can be used to improve under-door clearance whilst maintaining greatest possible lift height. This is especially useful for companies looking to maximize lift truck potential, (i.e. using one truck to go in and out of containers or trailers and also being able to reach higher levels of storage). The MHE is also beneficial for rental or lease fleets as it provides greater versatility and offers an alternative to quad-mast units which can hinder visibility and lower residual values.


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KOOI® Mast Height Extension

KOOI® Mast Height Extensions attachment simply complements the existing upright by providing additional vertical lift. It’s especially useful for applications where the existing lift height does not meet the requirements, (i.e. when trucks are moved from one building to another or if additional vertical storage space is available but not being used).

Features and options

  • Excellent visibility.
  • Minimum lost load thickness.
  • Existing lift truck forks can be used.
  • Lift truck forks can be moved sideways.
  • One hydraulic function.




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