KOOI® Camera Optima System

A camera is an excellent tool for the handling of pallets if they are in a location in the warehouse where the view is obscured by circumstances. This can be where the pallets are stored at a great height and whether the pallets are stored double deep. In this case, the KOOI® ReachForks can also be fitted with the KOOI® Deflection system and the driver has a good view of how the forks are positioned in the pallet pockets and the operator can see whether the load is horizontal when picking up.

Both monitors (Orlaco and KOOI® Display) can be mounted together using the Display-Bracket.


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KOOI® Camera Optima System

Especially for double-deep stacking we offer a miniature camera that is completely integrated on side of one the telescopic forks. The advantage of this system is that the driver of the lift-truck is able to see how the reachforks are positioned in all circumstances. This is particularly helpful to the driver in double-deep stacking application making the operation safer and more efficient.

Features and options

  • Easy to service and maintain due to the simple system.
  • No need for a filter because of certified components, covered parts and cables.
  • Colour system gives more contrast and therefore a better image.
  • Easy view 7″ wide LCD monitor with vertical or horizontal marker.
  • LCD screen needs less space.
  • Water resistance IP-69 camera is protected against high-pressure cleaning and steam cleaning.
  • Shockproof to 30G, which guarantees a longer life.
  • Heavy-duty protective cable chain between the palletstop and fork back.
  • Total width of the right-hand telescopic fork with camera will be increased with ± 30 mm.


  • Less chance of neck injuries because the driver does not have to look up.
  • Good visibility means you can work faster and more efficient.
  • Safer as there is less chance of hitting the rack beams.
  • Damages will be reduced because there is always a sufficient view of ReachForks and the pallet opening.




The colour camera with a 7″ wide colour LCD monitor gives the lift truck driver a perfect view at any height. This system will significantly reduce damages to goods and racking whilst also allowing labels to be read resulting in faster and more pallet handling. It is advised to use the camera on one-cylinder telescopic forks with special Y2 palletstops.

Not only in standard warehouses the camera can be used. Also in cold storage applications the unique system is able to do the job without any problems because the camera unit is tested in extreme circumstances.

Using the specially developed cabling system. The camera and monitor are connected in an easy and trouble-free way.

The camera is a solid high quality system that prevents damage of goods and racking but more important the camera system improves the working conditions of the lift truck driver considerably. A system that makes pallet handling more efficient and generates higher productivity.

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