KOOI® AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

The AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a mobile robot truck that can be used to transport, lift, and stacking pallets. These smart forklifts can perform complex operations in automated warehouse areas. The importance of these smart forklifts is increasing in the logistics sector. The great advantage of Automated Guided Vehicles is that they continuously perform optimally, even during repetitive transports.

There are a number of standard AGV types to choose from: stackers, reach trucks and VNAs (narrow aisle trucks). Every AGV is equipped with specialized navigation software that ensures that the truck is controlled down to the millimeter. AGVs are increasingly being carried out with KOOI®ReachForks for bridging obstacles, for example if euro-pallets have to be moved short-long sided, double-deep storage of pallets and for inside truck loading-unloading. You can find a full close up in this video.


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KOOI® ReachForks on AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)?


The KOOI® ExtensionForks can be equipped with different sensors that can be used for AGV purposes. For example, the AGV can be equipped with a length measuring system (KOOI® ReachControl), a deflection indication system (KOOI® Deflection System) and for example an Ultrasonic Detection Sensor). This sensor is recommended by the customer and in consultation with Meijer Handling Solutions, it can be integrated in the nose of the KOOI® ReachForks.

Features and options

  • Wider deploy ability of AGV’s.
  • Robust and durable sensor solutions.
  • Reduced risk of accidents, more safety.
  • Reduction of damage to pallet and/or goods.
  • Improved efficiency of AGV.
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