KOOI® Laser

Meijer Handling Solutions has launched a laser option for the well-known KOOI® ReachForks. With this laser option the driver can position the reachforks in the pallet pockets faster and more safely. In addition, it can also contribute to prevent damage to the pallet and / or products.

The laser is located in a special housing next to the outer sleeve of the KOOI® ReachForks so that the laser can hardly be damaged. Another advantage of this location is that the laser moves together with the outer sleeve in and out. The laser strength is chosen such that it cannot cause injury to the human eyes. The brightness of the laser depends on where the laser is used.


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KOOI® Hydraulic ReachForks applications?

KOOI® Laser


For example, the laser can also be an excellent tool for VNA forklifts and or reach trucks (fixed mast version) equipped with telescopic forks.

Features and options

  • Reduction product and pallet damage
  • Inprovement of handling speed

Case studies

KOOI® Laser
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