KOOI® Rollerized Tine Extenders

The KOOI® Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE) is specifically developed for handling air cargo pallets. Examples of such pallets are: 463L, HCU-6/E or PMC cargo pallets used for military and civil transport. These standardized pallets are used for transporting air cargo. KOOI® Rollerized Tine Extenders are used for forklift trucks and easily slip onto existing lift truck forks transforming the forks into a roller cargo platform.


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KOOI® Rollerized Tine Extenders

KOOI® Rollerized Tine Extenders (Air Cargo Slave Pallets) are specifically developed for handling air cargo pallets. Mostly used for military and civil transport.


Optional for the RTE:

Features and options


  • Manual palletstops to prevent cargo pallets from rolling off the tines.
  • Locking pin mechanism to secure the roller tines to the standard lift truck forks.
  • Different capacities and lengths available.
  • Powder coated.



  • with ball bearings.
  • with synthetic top layer 92° shore A.
  • high abrasion resistance.
  • low noise operation.
  • can be operated from -25 to 70 degrees Celcius (-13 to 158 Fahrenheit).




The KOOI® Rollerized Tine Adapter are a proven air cargo handling equipment which are used by many military air forces around the world because of its quality.

The Rollerized Tine Extenders can easily accommodate the special aluminum air cargo pallet as they are placed on blocks so that the tines can slide underneath without damaging the valuable pallet. Once the pallets are on the tines, the pallet stops still have to be folded up manually and the load is prevented from rolling off the tines. The Rollarized Tine Adapters  are available in various capacities, from 5000 kg (11024 pounds) up to 16000 kg (35274 pounds) and or more. The length of the tines can be ordered in the most common ULD dimensions.


Be aware that the standard forks must support at least 60% of the Rollerized Tine Extenders effective fork length.

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