KOOI®-Rollerized Tine Extenders

The KOOI®-Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE) is specifically developed for handling air cargo pallets. Examples of such pallets are: 463L, HCU-6/E or PMC cargo pallets used for military and civil transport. These standardized pallets are used for transporting air cargo. KOOI®-Rollerized Tine Extenders are used for forklift trucks and easily slip onto existing lift truck forks transforming the forks into a roller cargo platform.


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KOOI®-Rollerized Tine Extenders

KOOI®-Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE) are specifically developed for handling air cargo pallets. Mostly used for military and civil transport.


Optional for the RTE:

  • Rubber bumper
  • FOD fork locking system
  • Colour grey,black, yellow. (other on request)

Features and options


  • Palletstops to prevent cargo pallets from rolling off the tines.
  • Locking pin mechanism to secure the roller tines to the standard lift truck forks.
  • Different capacities and lengths available
  • Powder coated.



  • with ball bearings.
  • with synthetic top layer 92° shore A.
  • high abrasion resistance.
  • low noise operation.
  • can be operated from -25 to 70 degrees Celcius (-13 to 158 Fahrenheit).




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