Meijer Handling Solutions has launched a wide range of telescopic forks such as hydraulic extendable forks, manually extendable forks, vertical mast height extensions, telescoping jib cranes and more. Each offer individual characteristics designed to provide specific cost-saving application solutions.

KOOI-REACHFORKS® adds value to forklift trucks in the form of added versatility which results in cost-savings. Common applications include converting conventional lift trucks into single or double-deep reach trucks in order to help customers improve space utilization and storage density. They are also used for loading/unloading trailers or rail cars from just one side in order to improve safety while saving time, fuel and labor costs. KOOI-REACHFORKS® also allows a wide variety of different pallet sizes to be handled safely and quickly without damaging the pallets or goods. These innovative forks can also cut internal transport costs up to 50% by allowing transport of two loads at a time instead of just one.

Reachforks with Palletstop

Hydraulic KOOI-REACHFORKS® Most often used for double-deep stacking, one sided loading of trucks and trains, for dual load transport and as extensions when a variety of different pallet sizes are used. Hydraulic extendable lift truck forks are controlled by the lift truck driver without leaving the forklift cage.

Manual Reachforks

Manual KOOI-REACHFORKS® Offer an alternative to hydraulic extendable forks for applications with infrequent need, budget limitations or those without the ability to add extra hydraulics to their lift trucks. Variable fork length is always available when needed, they are easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

loose extension

KOOI extension sleeves slide over the existing lift truck forks adding additional length of a fixed size. Usage is recommended for applications with very infrequent need for differing fork length.

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Meijer Handling Solutions aims to add value to our customers’ and end-users’ logistical supply chains. We are the world’s market leader in hydraulic lift truck forks, known as KOOI-REACHFORKS®. Also, we are known for our palletless handling attachments such as the patented ROLLERFORKS® and our unique PushPull systems. The latest Meijer Handling Solutions product to be introduced to the market is the patented FLEX-OPS®, a safety enhancement for forklift trucks.


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