KOOI® Fork Extensions

Situations that may cause damage to goods or even injure persons may arise whenever you have to lift loads and/or goods that are longer than your current forklift truck forks. Loads can tip over when there is an insufficient load-bearing surface supporting the load while lifting.


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KOOI® Fork Extensions

Extensive expertise in the field of bending and sheet metalworking has resulted in loose fork extensions that meet the most stringent quality standards. Using special sheet metalworking techniques, a slide-on extension has been created that is partially open along its lower surface, but has the characteristics of a closed sleeve.

Features and options

  • Lateral clearance between fork and extension minimized to increase safety.
  • Bending radius can be made extremely small using special-purpose folding press blades that allow extensions to be slid onto forks with a minimal clearance.
  • Lateral movement with respect to forks minimized.
  • All manual slide-on fork extensions are subjected to rigorous risk analysis.






This unique design provides the following major benefits:

  • Loads can be handled where the load centre (LC) is located beyond the fixed forks’ basic length.
  • All-round, continuous cross-section without welds.
  • Lightweight construction compared to a full sleeve cross-section.
  • Profiled, pointed nose for easy pallet insertion.
  • Accurate tolerances with minimal play between extension and fork.
  • Load-bearing capacity of slide-on extensions has been calculated to be compatible with fixed forks with a maximum yield strength of 836 N/mm².
  • Strength comply with three-fold nominal load on 0.9* L.

Safety issues:

  • Insertion length should be a minimum of 60% for open and closed extensions.
  • Always contact your lift truck dealer for the residual load capacity rating.
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