KOOI® Hydraulic ReachForks Options

To please our customers in the best way we can, Meijer Handling Solutions offers a wide range of product options for the hydraulic extendable forks. In this way, your lift truck forks are fully customized to meet the needs of your specific material handling application.


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KOOI® Hydraulic Reachforks Options?

KOOI® Palletstops

KOOI® Palletstops are intended to stop the telescopic forks protruding too far through the pallet, thus preventing pallet damage. Some can also be used to support the load.

KOOI® Oil connections

Depending on the forklift truck or lift truck attachment, the oil connections can be fitted in different places.

KOOI® Extra wear protection

To prevent wear to the underside of the outer forks it is possible to weld on an extra hardened plate or use an integrated wear strip.

KOOI® Bore pattern

When KOOI®Forks needs to be mounted on fork positioners and fork spreaders the customer can decide to offer bolted telescopic forks because of easier replacements.

KOOI® Special mounting

With advanced design programs Meijer Handling Solutions engineering department is able to adapt standard measurements to customized specifications.

Atex 114

Our hydraulic extendable forks can be produced in such a way that they meet the legal requirements for ATEX 114, for use in explosive environments.

KOOI® Load back rest

A load back rest supports the load and moves forward with the outer forks.

KOOI® Foldable palletstop

In case the customers wants to handle dual pallets for example (two pallets at the same time) and same KOOI®REACHFORKS needs to store a single pallet double deep in a warehouse racking.

KOOI® Camera system

To aid overhead pallet stacking it is possible to fit the KOOI®REACHFORKS with cameras.

KOOI® Secutex

When loads need to be transported carefully and with caution secutex can be the solution. KOOI®Secutex is wear-resistant, noise cancelling and makes sure the load doesn’t slip from the forks.

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