KOOI® Palletstops

To prevent pallet damage and/or to support the load you can decide to equip your hydraulic extendable forks with palletstops. Depending on your specific needs, there are  four different types of KOOI® Palletstops available.


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KOOI® Y1 Palletstops

Mainly on mountable forklift trucks

KOOI® Y1 palletstops are intended to stop the telescopic forks protruding too far through the pallet, thus preventing pallet damage. Depending on the application, KOOI® Y1 palletstops can be welded on the inner and outer side, inner side only or outer side only. The height of the KOOI® Y1 palletstops is 75 mm.

KOOI® Y2 Palletstops

Mainly for one-sided loading and double-deep stacking

KOOI® Y2 Palletstops serve the same purpose as Y1 and can also be used to support a separate load back rest. KOOI® Y2 Palletstops are available with heights of 200 mm and 400 mm. The minimum distance between the forkback and the palletstop is 25 mm.

KOOI® Y3 Palletstops

Mainly for one-sided loading- and unloading

KOOI® Y3 Palletstops support the load without the use of a separate load back rest. The standard height of the KOOI® Y3 Palletstops is 850 mm and can go up to 1600 mm.

KOOI® Demountable Y2 Palletstops

The KOOI® Demountable Y2 Palletstops is ideal for companies that use the KOOI®FORKS for dual pallet handling and for double deep stacking. The minimum distance between palletstop and fork back needs to be 170 mm.

KOOI® Fixed Palletstops Y4

A welding tube on the fork back will reduce the length in case the customer want to use the KOOI® ReachForks for extensions. The welded palletstop will prevent that the fork  protrudes too far through the pallet, thus preventing pallet damage.

KOOI® Foldable palletstop

In case the customers wants to handle dual pallets for example (two pallets at the same time) and same KOOI® ReachForks needs to store a single pallet double deep in a warehouse racking.

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