Very Narrow Aisle ForkLift + KOOI®ReachForks

Meijer Handling Solutions has introduced a range of KOOI®Hydraulic Forks for narrow aisle forklifts that are ideal for double-deep pallet storage. Perfectly for double deep racking. This so called Single-Range is unique because each tine has its own cylinder, meaning that KOOI®ReachForks can be extended and retracted as fast as pantographs.

KOOI®Double deep stacking increases warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to “single-deep” warehouse operations. Because KOOI®Telescopic Forks can reach almost twice as far as normal forks the warehouse racking at each side of the aisle can be doubled.


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KOOI®Double deep stacking applications?

KOOI®Double deep stacking

VNA forklift, very narrow aisle forklifts are forklifts where the operator moves up with the forks up and down so that at a great height, almost at 20 meters, the operator has a good overview of how the pallets are taken in and out of the warehouse rack. These special and expensive forklifts are used in warehouses where an increased storage capacity and better space utilization is needed.

Features and options           

  • With double-deep ReachForks 40% extra space is gained
  • Ideally for LIFO (Last In, First Out) method
  • With ReachForks different pallet sizes can be handled with the same VNA forklift


The efficiency in this type of warehouse can be significant improved if the VNA forklift is equipped with KOOI®ReachForks and the pallets are stored double-deep. With this storage method, 40% is quickly saved in aisle space. This percentage can be filled with extra pallets and your available space is used to the maximum.


Case studies                            

Of course your forklift supplier will have to calculate what the residual load capacity of the forklift will be if the load is placed twice as far from the forklift. Often the weight of the load that is handled with this forklift is not very heavy in terms of weight and it is worth investigating the possibilities. You don’t want to leave 40% space unused.

KOOI®ReachForks on VNA lift trucks

The “very narrow aisle” (VNA) permits greatest space use by making the passageways as little as could really be expected. Alongside high lift statures the restricted passageway framework offers high space usage particularly when utilizing KOOI®Telescopic Forks to have the option to store pallets double-deep in warehouses. By utilizing a camera fitted on the ReachForks outer sleeve (the moving part) the handling speed can be improved and harms diminished.

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