KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer

The innovative KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer can be used to transfer goods directly from a pallet to a slip-sheet-push/pull system without the need for a slip-sheet dispenser.  This saves time and improves the efficiency of loading operations.  The KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer is a valuable tool which helps reduce shipping costs. The KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer can also be used for transferring unit loads which are not sheeted.  It can transfer the goods directly from a pallet to Load Push attachment, (push/pull attachment without a gripper), or onto KOOI®-ROLLERFORKS or the unique KOOI®-ROLLERFORKS/Push-Pull, (combination unit).  Slip-sheets are not always required and therefore our combinations offer ideal solutions for saving money.


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KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer

KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another in order to reduce contamination risks or validation issues with products that cannot be inverted. Unlike a pallet inverter, the Stationary Pallet Changer does not invert the goods. This means products such as liquids in the medical industry or combo bins used in meat processing can be transferred without risk of spillage. The KOOI®-Stationary Pallet Changer can be used in combination with KOOI®-RollerForksKOOI®-Push-Pull equipment or KOOI®-Load Push.

Features and options

  • Improved handling speed.
  • No clamping of goods.
  • No inversion of load.
  • Simple construction.
  • Less maintenance because of no rotation parts.
  • Faceplate speed reduction for end positions.
  • Floor level pallet handling and re-placement.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Plug & play.





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