KOOI® Stationary Pull Installation

The stand-alone Stationary Pallet Changer, SPI, provides a highly efficient and cost effective means of transferring unit loads from one load carrier to another without damages. It’s especially useful for keeping wooden pallets outside of cleanroom areas in order to comply with hygiene regulations. Delicate loads are safely transferred without the risks often associated with clamping, pushing or to invert pallets. This reduces product damage and repackaging costs.


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KOOI® Stationary Pull Installation

KOOI® Stationary Pull Installation is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another within a cleanroom area where no wood is allowed because of hygiene regulations. This compact unit provides the beneficial features of a Stationary Push-Pull attachment, without the added expense of a dedicated forklift truck and an additional operator. This saves money. Loads are easily pulled from one pallet onto another with manual handling like often is needed by pallet inverters. It’s also easy to use and does not require the skill levels necessary of forklift operators working with specialized attachments.

Features and options

  • Horizontal pallet movement.
  • Available for forklift and pallet trucks/jacks
  • Simple construction.
  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Safe due to a safety light curtain.
  • Independent hydraulic system.
  • Push button operated by remote control.
  • Extra options:
    • Buzzer/beacon light.
    • Stainless steel because of hygiene regulations.
    • Oil level and temperature warning


  • Damage is kept to a minimum due to non-contact pallet transfer.
  • A KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another to reduce contamination risks or validation problems with products that cannot be turned over.
  • No physical action when changing pallets, which prevents the risk of injury.
  • The Pallet Exchanger can transfer goods within 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Even with a simple pallet jack, the pallet changer is already operational.
  • Operation by a driver by means of remote control (push buttons)
  • Safety feature like a safety light curtain is included.




MHS Product photo
  • By placing the pallet with goods on the floor, the “pallet transfer” can be changed by simply operating the push buttons on the remote control.
MHS Product Photo 2
  • A pallet transfer system in which the pallets are turned from the cleanroom to the warehouse and the goods are then moved from a plastic pallet to a wooden pallet.
  • For a high hygiene classification, Meijer supplies Stationary Pallet Changers that can move the load horizontally and without contact, and unlike inverters that the load is turned and can damage goods and/or packaging when turning.
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