KOOI-Reachforks, Case study


Avoid damage to goods and pallets and save costs

Oversized forks often cause damage, in turn incurring unnecessary costs. The situation depicted in the photo is probably very familiar. Forks are slightly longer than the pallets and protrude at the rear. The forklift truck driver does not notice that the tips of the forks have punctured the goods to the rear when placing the foremost pallet. Has your organization ever taken an inventory of the costs associated with the damage caused by oversized forks? Customers do not accept such damage, and associated costs – as summarized below – can rarely be compensated.

  • load has to be returned to packaging department
  • packaging has to be removed
  • contents have to be inspected for damage
  • damage reports have to be filed
  • contents have to be repackaged
  • load has to be returned to loading station

Whether it be goods or pallets that are damaged, oversized forks cause many problems within the sector. There are also a number of hidden costs estimated to total anywhere from 10 to 15% of the capacity of the total logistics facility (source: Logistiek.nl), such as costs incurred for administration and longer waiting times. If forklift truck drivers do not spot the damage, then you also run the risk of claims (perished products) and return shipments.

Hydraulic extension forks can drastically reduce the costs incurred as a result of damaged products and pallets, and the investment is easily recouped. KOOI®’s Extension Range models can be hydraulically extended or retracted to the correct length. Their special construction ensures that moveable outer forks do not damage pallet slats. Besides hydraulic extendable forks Meijer Handling Solutions. also sells manual extendable forks, a new patented design was recently introduced to the market.

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